HJ Rethuan

Writer of stories about superheroes and spooky stuff.

About H.J. Rethuan

Hailing from the sunny, laid back city of Perth, Western Australia, Herman Jamil Rethuan released his first short novel, the romantic thriller "The Runaway Assassin", in April 2013. Since then he has released over twenty more novels and short stories, and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

H.J. has always been interested in telling stories. With a passion for movies, writing and general pop culture geekery, H.J. tells short, quickly devoured tales that dare to cross multiple genres, spanning any subject that grabs his attention all the while he places his own unique spin on them. Ultimately, he tries and presents readers with something that's fresh, something that's interesting and something that's hopefully just a little bit different to their typical bedtime Kindle read.

You can read or buy H.J. Rethuan's ebooks exclusively on the Kindle platform at Amazon. You can also follow H.J. on Facebook at facebook.com/hjrethuan, on Twitter at @hjrethuan, on Instagram at instagram.com/hjrethuan, or at Goodreads at goodreads.com/hjrethuan.

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